City of Ekurhuleni – Dal Fouche and Impala Mine Outfall Sewer - Notice of the application for a Water Use Licence in terms of the National Water Act, Act 36 of 1998


This advertisement gives notice to potential Interested and Affected Parties (“I&APs”) about where information can be obtained in respect of the application for environmental authorisation, as well as the opportunity that I&APs have, to comment on the draft Water Use License Technical Report.


The City of Ekurhuleni is proposing to upgrade the Dal Fouche and Impala Mine outfall sewer pipeline. The proposed outfall sewer pipeline comprises of 12 km of pipelines. The existing concrete pipelines will no longer be in use but will remain underground and a new sewer pipeline will be constructed parallel to the existing sewer pipeline with High-density polyethylene (“HDPE”) pipe. The Dal Fouche portion of the Project includes the decommissioning of existing pump station and rising main. The pump station will not be demolished. The construction of a proximity 5.0 km of new gravity sewer. The Impala Mine portion of the Project includes the decommissioning of the existing gravity sewer, and the construction of a new 7.305 km gravity sewer. The new gravity sewer will be constructed mostly parallel to the existing sewer pipeline within the existing servitude.


The sewer pipeline triggers a Water Use License (“WUL”) for water use activities contained in Section 21 of the National Water Act (NWA), 1998. The water use activities that were applied for are: Section 21(c) – Impeding or diverting the flow of water in a watercourse and Section 21(i) – Altering the bed, banks, course of characteristics of a watercourse. Registration as an I&AP on this project must be done before the 8 August 2023 at the details provided below.


South Africans have a right to be informed about potential decisions that may affect them and to be afforded an opportunity to influence those decisions. This advertisement forms part of a Public Participation Process as part of the project. It describes the various components of the project to enable I&APs to get a better understanding of the potential environmental and social impacts that could be expected from the proposed project. It also outlines the process and the opportunities for the public to become involved during the study.

Availability of the draft Technical WUL report: The draft WUL report is available to the public electronically for review for a period of sixty (60) days, from 9 June – 8 August 2023 on under Public documents – Dal Fouche and Impala Mine outfall sewer upgrade.


Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP): Shangoni Management Services (Pty) Ltd.

Contact person: Lesley Keay

Tel: 012 807 7036


Postal Address: P. O. Box 74726, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040

+ - Water Use Licence Application Technical Report

To download the Water Use Licence Application Technical Report, please click here.