Shangoni AquiScience provides a wide range of geohydrological and other services mainly focused on water management for the industrial and mining sector.

Shangoni AquiScience, a division of Shangoni Management Services (Pty) Ltd, provides a wide range of geohydrological and other environmental
services focussed on water management for the industrial, mining and farming sectors. The division specialises in the availability, movement and quality
of groundwater for household, agricultural and industrial use.

Shangoni AquiScience provides a wide range of geohydrological related services ranging from resource exploration, pollution assessments, conceptual and numerical modelling and water resource management. Our in-house specialists undertake all aspects related to groundwater quality and quantity for the mining and non-mining sector. We also have extensive experience in the design and implementation of groundwater monitoring systems including updating and auditing of programmes.



  • Pollution plume and radius of influence modelling.
  • Groundwater pollution assessments.
  • Geochemical characterisation of mine residue.
  • Acid mine drainage prediction.
  • Site characterisation assessments and baseline studies.
  • Hydrochemical evaluations and fingerprinting.
  • Sampling and monitoring of ground and surface waters.
  • Geophysical studies for siting monitoring boreholes or for industrial and household supply.
  • Borehole drilling supervision and logging.
  • Aquifer testing to determine aquifer parameters and sustainable yields.
  • Determining aquifer mixing and age using stable and radioactive isotopes.
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling.
  • Wellfield management.

Numerical groundwater modelling is a computer simulated scenario of the real groundwater system. It simulates groundwater flow and/or solute fate and transport to make predictions towards groundwater’s response to a stress by means of a set of governing equations thought to represent the physical processes that occur in the system. It is mostly used as a water management and decision making tool to achieve certain goals within the water management framework. Groundwater modelling is used in:

  • Mining
  • Waste disposal
  • Water supply

Shangoni AquiScience develops groundwater numerical models to obtain solutions and predictions in the following mining and non-mining related scenarios:

  • As components of Environmental Impact Assessments, Risk Assessments and Environmental Management Plans.
  • Optimal mine dewatering solutions.
  • Water balances.
  • Wellfield management and groundwater supply strategies.
  • Predictive risk based scenarios relating to groundwater flow, radius of influences, contaminant transport and rehabilitation.

Shangoni Management Services consists of qualified and experienced scientists and environmental project managers to provide our clients with:

  • Waste classification.
  • Mine residue characterisation and classification.
  • Identification of waste streams.
  • Geochemical assessments and geochemical modelling.
  • Contaminated land investigations.

Shangoni AquiScience can assist with all aspects of water monitoring which are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients in the mining- and non-mining related sectors. Field work is performed by trained technical personnel in accordance with SANS standards. SANAS-accredited laboratories are used to analyse samples. Monitoring services include:

  • Initial design of monitoring programmes.
  • Surface water quality monitoring.
  • Groundwater quality and water level monitoring.
  • Drinking water monitoring.
  • Compliance monitoring.
  • Up and downstream impact evaluations.
  • Assessing the suitability of in-stream quality for downstream users.
  • Interpretation of data and reporting by trained hydrogeologists and SACNASP registered scientists.
  • Submissions of compliance reports to relevant authorities.
  • Biomonitoring.
  • Effect of wastewater on the aquatic ecosystem and discharge ratios (screening and definitive toxicity testing).
  • Audit of monitoring programmes.


Services specifically focussed on the agriculture sector include:

Groundwater Management

Soil Quality Investigations

Full Suite Elemental Analysis

Fertiliser Recommendations

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Ockie Scholtz

Principal Geohydrologist (M.Sc)


083 410 5252