Employers are responsible for the actions of its employees in terms of section 28 of NEMA, section 9 of OHSA and section 5 of the MHSA. A tool that can be used to minimise environmental pollution and the provision of proper HSE legal training to all relevant employees.

As a company that specialises in HSE management, Shangoni has a working knowledge and understanding of the interpretation of HSE legislation. Furthermore, we have substantial experience in implementing HSE legislation in various technical operations. Shangoni Legal Services provides HSE legal training to clients’ employees on both high and lower levels of employment by making use of a PowerPoint presentation and training material. Practical examples are used to ensure that lower level employees understand what is expected of them in terms of legislation. The format of training to be conducted can be customised to best deliver the power of our product in combination with the client’s systems and requirements.

HSE legal training can also be incorporated into the HSE LCA process. In this instance identified legal non-compliances and areas of high risk and potential liability are used to practically illustrate legal requirements applicable to the specific client’s circumstances.


Suzette Hartzer-Marais

Legal Specialist


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