We provide practical technical legal solutions when assisting clients in achieving legal compliance.

Shangoni’s legal team consists of qualified attorneys that work closely together with the highly experienced technical team consisting of, inter alia, environmental scientists, engineers and geohydrologists, to ensure technical integration in the interpretation and implementation of specifically Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) law. In this manner, we ensure that the legal advice and solutions we provide to clients are practical and versatile. We are proud to introduce a comprehensive range of in-house HSE legal products that can be customised into a strategy that best delivers the power of our products in combination with your systems and requirements.


HSE legislation is constantly changing which could pose a challenge in remaining up to date with the most recent changes and in understanding the implications of the changes. We assist our clients in staying up to date with all promulgated HSE legislation through the provision of regular HSE legal newsflashes. The HSE legal newsflashes include information regarding recent legislative amendments in the South African HSE law regime. Together with a short description and interpretation of the amended legislation, the relevance of the amended legislation to our clients is discussed to enable our clients to understand the practical implications of the legislative amendments. Shangoni Legal Services’ approach and/ or recommendations are also included in the HSE legal newsflashes to assist our clients to achieve legal compliance in light of the amended legislation.



Legal services specifically focused on both the mining and non-mining sectors include:

Compliance Audit

Shangoni provides various compliance audit services which include HSE Legal Compliance Audits (LCAs) and compliance audits against the conditions of specific authorisations.


HSE Legal Consulting

Mere access to legislation does not guarantee HSE legal compliance. As HSE legal compliance and reporting duties are becoming more complex, specialist legal knowledge and skills are required.


HSE Legal Training

Shangoni Legal Services provides HSE legal training to clients' employees on both high and lower levels of employment.


HSE Legal Opinions

Shangoni Legal Services provides in-depth HSE legal opinions based on specific technical scenarios. We ensure that all operational and technical aspects involved are considered by involving our multidisciplinary and competent team when the legal opinion is compiled. We strive to compile legal opinions in such a manner that complex legal concepts are understandable and can be easily applied in the working place.

HSE Legal Retainer Services

Many companies do not have in-house legal services, but do require ongoing HSE legal support. Shangoni provides a retainer service that is tailored to the company’ specific needs, to provide a cost effective in-house legal service whilst the company further benefits from Shangoni’ vast experience and up-to-date knowledge of the changing legal challenges facing the business.


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