We provide a comprehensive range of in-house mining environmental authorisation application products

Shangoni has significant experience in carrying out the required processes to prepare and submit various applications for mining industry clients. This includes all the necessary baseline investigations feasibility assessments, public participation processes, impact assessments and related permits and authorisations.

Shangoni provides the following services related to mining:

+ - Mining and environmental authorization application

Basic Assessments, Scoping Reports, Environmental impact Assessments (EIA´s) and Environmental Management  Programme Reports (EMPr´s) is accordance with the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA, 1998), the Mineral and  Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA, 2002) and the Regulations there under, are conducted to ensure that legal requirements for new developments or processes are complied with, Furthermore, the process ensures that significant environmental impacts are identified in advance and appropriate mitigation measures are proposed to minimize, manage and / or mitigate the impact.

Shangoni has the expertise and experience to undertake the full spectrum of tasks for Mining and Environmental Authorisation Applications for our clients within the mining sector. This includes the statutory public participation and consultation process and all the required interactions with the regulating authorities. Shangoni´s approach towards Mining and Environmental Authorisation Application development also emphasizes the management of identified risks, thus adding significant value to the organization beyond the delivery of a report submitted to regulators for approval.

+ - Water use licence applications and integrated water and waste management plans

Shangoni provides technical solutions to water, solid waste and effluent disposal with emphasis on downstream value adding, whilst adopting a structured approach to address the organisation’s specific requirements and scale of operation.

Shangoni Management Services undertakes Water Use Licence Applications (WULA) in accordance with the National Water Act (NWA), 1998 (Act 36 of 1998). As part of the Water Use License Application process we also develop Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMP) and Water- and Salt Balances, for all proposed or existing water use activities.

+ - Compliance Auditing

As part of Shangoni’s compliance auditing services, the following audits are conducted:

  • Environmental Audits on EMPr’s and environmental authorisations in terms of NEMA, 1998 and MPRDA, 2002;
  • Environmental Control Officer (ECO) compliance audits and inspections as per licence conditions;
  • Water Use Licence compliance audits in terms of the NWA, 1998; and
  • GN 704 compliance audits in terms of Government Notice (GN) 704 of 4 June 1999 – Regulations on use of water for mining and related activities aimed at the protection of water resources as per the National Water Act, 1998.

+ - GAP Analysis and Consulting Services

Shangoni provides a gap analysis and consulting service to mining sector clients wishing to identify possible requirements that need to be complied with or risks that may potentially result in environmental impacts.

By providing this service, Shangoni ensures that the relevant risks and future process requirements are identified in advance prior to mining and environmental authorisation applications or water use licence application having being made.

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