Shangoni is proud to introduce the following range of services that can be rendered to our clients in the agricultural, industrial, residential/township development and infrastructure sectors

Shangoni has significant experience in carrying out the required processes to prepare and submit various applications for non-mining industry clients. 

Shangoni provides the following services related to non-mining:

+ - Environmental Authorisation Applications

Basic Assessments, Scoping Reports, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s) and Environmental Management Programme Reports (EMPr’s) in accordance with the EIA Regulations, 2014 (GN R982 in GG 38282 of 4 December 2014), as promulgated under the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, are conducted to ensure that legal requirements for new developments and processes are complied with. Furthermore, this process ensures that significant environmental impacts are identified in advance and appropriate mitigation measures are implemented to minimise, manage and / or mitigate the impact.

Shangoni has the expertise and experience to undertake the full spectrum of tasks relevant to the facilitation of the application process for Environmental Authorisations for clients in the agricultural, industrial, residential/township development and infrastructure sectors. The services rendered by Shangoni in this regard include:

  • Conducting Basic Assessments or Full Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Conducting section 24G Rectification Applications in the event of unlawful activities;
  • Compilation of Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr);
  • Conducting Public Participation Processes;
  • Consultation services; and
  • Management of all the required interactions with the regulating authorities.

Shangoni’s approach towards Environmental Authorisation Applications also emphasises the management of identified risks, therefore adding significant value to the organisation.

+ - Waste Management Licence Applications

Shangoni has expertise and experience in assisting clients in applying for Waste Management Licences (WML) as required in terms of the listed waste management activities (GN R921 in GG 37083 of 29 November 2013) published in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste Act 59 of 2008. A basic assessment process or scoping and EIA process must be followed as part of the WML application process.

+ - Water Use Licences

Shangoni facilitates Water Use Licence Applications (WULA) in accordance with the National Water Act 36 of 1998 (NWA). As part of the WULA process we also develop Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMP) and Water- and Salt Balances for all proposed or existing water use activities. In addition, Shangoni also provides technical solutions to non-mining clients pertaining to water management, as well as solid waste and effluent disposal with emphasis on downstream value adding, whilst adopting a structured approach to address the organisation’s specific requirements and scale of operation.

+ - Environmental Control Officer

In some cases, environmental authorisations or licences issued in terms of specific environmental legislation contain a condition requiring the appointment of an Environmental Control Officer with the duty to monitor activities conducted on site in terms of the authorisations or licences. This duty can include the verification of the activities’ compliance to the conditions of the authorisation or licence in the form of Environmental Control Officer Audits. Shangoni has expertise in conducting such Environmental Control Officer Audits.  When these audits are conducted emphasis is put on the identification of significant risks. Our approach is not only to report on non-compliances but also provide solutions to the non-compliances identified, and to minimise associated risks.

+ - Alien Invasive Studies

A duty of care is imposed on landowners in terms of section 73 of the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act 10 of 2004 (NEMBA) to control invasive species listed in the Alien and Invasive Species (AIS) Regulations, 2014 (GN R598 in GG 37885 of 1 August 2014). Owners of land on which listed invasive species occur must notify the competent authority thereof in writing and take steps to control and eradicate these species and prevent them from spreading.

In order to determine whether notification to the competent authority is required and to determine the extent of control required for such invasive species, it is necessary to first identify invasive species present on site. Shangoni can assist landowners in the identification of invasive species by conducting Alien Invasive Studies for all industries.

+ - Biodiversity Action Plans

An owner of land must, at all times, ensure compliance with the provisions of NEMBA. NEMBA governs the protection threatened or protected ecosystems & species, as well as the control of alien invasive species. Shangoni compiles Biodiversity Action Plans for a range of industries that can be used as a tool to ensure compliance with NEMBA. A Biodiversity Action Plan defines biodiversity management actions as required in terms of the results of biodiversity studies conducted to ensure compliance to NEMBA. The management actions defined in Biodiversity Action Plans are also aligned with the commitments made in the Environmental Management Plan pertaining to biodiversity management.

+ - Air Quality

Shangoni offers the non-mining clients the following products in terms of Air Quality:

  • Facilitation of Atmospheric Emission Licence Applications,
  • Atmospheric Impact Assessments,
  • Dispersion modelling,
  • Dust Control,
  • Air Quality Management Plans,
  • Air Quality Monitoring, and
  • Carbon Management.

+ - Surface and Groundwater

Shangoni renders services pertaining to surface and groundwater that are specifically focussed on clients in the agriculture sector. Such services include:

  • Monitoring of groundwater resources,
  • Baseline groundwater studies,
  • Impact evaluations,
  • Suitability for use: domestic, livestock watering, irrigation
  • Geophysical investigations,
  • Borehole siting,
  • Drilling supervision,
  • Borehole yield testing and optimisation,
  • Aquifer permeability testing, and
  • Contaminated land assessments,

+ - Legal Services

Shangoni’s legal team consists of qualified attorneys that work closely together with the highly experienced technical team consisting of, inter alia, environmental scientists, engineers and geohydrologists to ensure technical integration in the interpretation and implementation of specifically Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) law. In this manner, we ensure that the legal advice and solutions we provide to clients are practical and versatile.

We are proud to introduce a comprehensive range of in-house HSE legal products that can be customised into a strategy that best delivers the power of our products in combination with your systems and requirements. Our legal services include:

  1. Regular HSE Legal Newsflashes: HSE legal newsflashes are regularly distributed to our clients and include information regarding recent legislative amendments in the South African HSE law regime. Together with a short description and interpretation of the amended legislation, the relevance of the amended legislation to our clients is discussed to enable our clients to understand the practical implications of the legislative amendments.
  2. Legal Compliance Audits: HSE Legal Compliance Audits (LCAs) identify legal non-compliances and areas of high risk and are therefore an effective tool to avoid legal liability. Shangoni provides various compliance audit services which include HSE Legal Compliance Audits (LCAs) and compliance audits against the conditions of specific authorisations for example Environmental Authorisations, Environmental Management Programmes (EMPrs),
  3. Explosives Licences, Water Use Licences, Waste Management Licences.
  4. HSE Legal Consulting: Shangoni Legal Services strive to provide solutions for our clients by the provision of in-house legal services on a contractual basis, assisting clients in implementing legal requirements. Periodic site visits are conducted by our legal specialists to ensure proper assistance to the client.
  5. HSE Legal Training: As a company that specialises in HSE management, Shangoni has a working knowledge and understanding of the interpretation of HSE legislation. Furthermore, we have substantial experience in implementing HSE legislation in various technical operations. Shangoni Legal Services provides HSE legal training to clients’ employees on both high and lower levels of employment by making use of a PowerPoint presentation and training material.
  6. HSE Legal Opinions: Shangoni Legal Services provides in-depth HSE legal opinions based on specific technical scenarios. We ensure that all operational and technical aspects involved are considered by involving our multidisciplinary and competent team when the legal opinion is compiled.
  7. HSE Legal Retainer Services: Many companies do not have in-house legal services, but do require ongoing HSE legal support. Shangoni provides a retainer service that is tailored to the company’ specific needs, to provide a cost effective in-house legal service whilst the company further benefits from Shangoni’ vast experience and up-to-date knowledge of the changing legal challenges facing the business.

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