Notice of an Atmospheric Emission Licence renewal application by Exxaro Ferroalloys (Pty) Ltd. (reference number: 9/16/1/2/18/r)


This gives notice to potential Interested and Affected Parties (“I&APs”) about where information can be obtained in respect of the Air Emission Licence Renewal application for Exxaro FerroAlloys (Pty) Ltd. as well as the opportunity for the I&APs to comment on the draft application.

Background information
Exxaro FerroAlloys owns and operates an existing ferrosilicon plant, which is located in the Pretoria West Industrial area at Roger Dyason Road, Pretoria West. The plant produces ferrosilicon powder, which is made by atomizing molten ferrosilicon with a high-pressure stream of inert nitrogen gas. The result is a high-grade powder, used in dense medium separation for mineral extraction processes, particularly in the iron ore industry

Legislative Requirements
In terms of Section 22 of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 (NEM: AQA) no person may conduct an activity listed on a national list anywhere in the Republic of South Africa or listed on a list applicable to a province anywhere in that province without a provisional Atmospheric Emission License (PAEL) or an Atmospheric Emission License (AEL).
The production of alloys of iron with chromium, manganese, silicon or vanadium, the separation of titanium slag from iron containing minerals using heat at Exxaro FerroAlloys triggers the following activities listed in Government Notice No. 893, published in Government Gazette 37054 on 22 November 2013 as amended:

  • Category 4: Metallurgical Industry
    ➢ Subcategory 4.9: Ferro-alloy Production

The Licensing Authority, the City of Tshwane Municipality, issued the Exxaro FerroAlloys with an AEL (Reference number: 9/16/1/2/18/R) on 23 November 2016. Exxaro FerroAlloys AEL is valid for 5 years after date of issue and its review date is no later than 4 years after the date of issue.

Exxaro FerroAlloys applied for the renewal of their Licence in terms of Section 47 of the NEM: AQA in September 2021.

The purpose of this notice is to bring the Renewal Application to the attention of relevant organs of state, interested persons and the public to afford relevant organs of state, interested persons and the public with an opportunity to submit written representations on or objections to the Renewal Application.

Where to obtain access to the Renewal Application
To obtain access to the Renewal Application and additional information or to submit representations on or objections to the Renewal Application please contact the environmental consultant at the details provided below, before or on the 18th of April 2022.
Environmental consultant: Shangoni Management Services (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 74726, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0040
Contact Person: Lesley Keay,
Tel: 012 807 7036,

+ - Notification of renewal application

To download the Notification Letter and the renewal application, please click here.