Mine Closure Planning, Financial Provision, Rehabilitation Plans and Strategies

Mine Closure Planning, Financial Provision, Rehabilitation Plans and Strategies

Shangoni provides the following services related to rehabilitation:

+ - Mine Closure Planning

Shangoni develops mine closure plans to support mines in different phases of closure. Closure plan detail differs depending on the life of mine. Development of the closure plans include workshops with all stakeholders to discuss and agree on closure objectives and post closure land use. Risk assessments are conducted to identify all the actual and potential risks (including residual and latent) in order implement focused actions on minimizing the risks.

In addition to the closure plan Shangoni also develops an execution plan providing detail with regards to the effective implementation of the closure plan.

Closure plans incorporate the relevant detail from the financial provision quantification and rehabilitation plans.

+ - Financial Provision

Shangoni specialises in calculating accurate mine financial provision quantum’s as required by the Mineral and Petroleum Resource Development Act. The financial provision calculations are determined taking the closure plan actions and rehabilitation plans and strategies into account. This makes for a more accurate determination of a suitable quantum. Calculations are done using DMR rates and/or quantity survey rates that have been obtained from reputable quantity survey companies over the past number of years.

Shangoni provides visual representation of the quantum categories to assist the organization in focusing their concurrent rehabilitation efforts thus minimising their rehabilitation cost over the long run.

+ - Rehabilitation Plans and Strategies

Development of rehabilitation strategies and plans are deemed to be one of the significant shortcomings in the mining industry. Shangoni provides support in developing a site specific rehabilitation plan focussing on providing details rehabilitation actions based on the closure objectives and supporting the financial provision calculations. The plans are specific and provide inputs into the annual recalculation of the financial provision quantum. Rehabilitation plans include actions, rehabilitation criteria, procedures and processes followed and post rehabilitation maintenance actions.

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