Title: Restrictions on the use of water for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes in the Mzimbuvu-Tsitsikamma water management area (WMA 7) in the Eastern Cape province
Government Notice: GN R496 in GG 39963 of 29 April 2016
Date of commencement: 1 February 2016

The Minister of Water and Sanitation may in terms of item 6 (1) of Schedule 3 to the National Water Act 36 of 1998 (NWA) limit the use of water in the area concerned if the Minister on reasonable grounds believes that a water shortage exists within the area concerned. The Minister on reasonable grounds believe that a water shortage exists in areas of the Eastern Cape Province. Water restrictions have been imposed in the Mzimbuvu-Tsitsikamma water management area pertaining to:
• the taking of water from specific water schemes by all domestic, industrial and hydropower generation users; and
• the taking of water for irrigation use from specific water schemes.

“So what” for my operation?
Should your operation be located within these catchments, it is important for your operation to have knowledge of these restrictions as relevant to the quantities of water allowed to be taken from the specified water systems for domestic and irrigation purposes. If you contravene this notice, the authority may modify, or require you to modify the contravening waterwork so that it cannot be used to take more water than that allowed for in the notice; or remove the waterwork or require you to remove the waterwork if the notice contains a prohibition on the use of that waterwork. Any reasonable costs incurred by this modification or removal may be recovered from your operation.

What is Shangoni’s approach?
Shangoni can assist individuals and industries located in the affected areas in developing a detailed water balance, or updating an existing water balance, to assess areas of excessive water usage / loss at the operation. This will identify areas where water saving initiatives can be implemented, to reduce the quantity of raw water required and therefore ensure compliance to the above mentioned water restrictions.