Title: Construction Regulations, 2014 Guidelines
Government Gazette Notice: GN 489 in GG 408883 of 2 June 2017
Commencing Date: 2 June 2017

The Minister of Labour issued a Guideline on the Construction Regulations, 2014 (Guideline). Basically, the Guideline is a repeat of the Construction Regulations, together with explanatory notes regarding various aspects.

Construction work is defined as “any work in connection with the construction, erection, alteration, renovation, repair, demolition or dismantling of or addition to a building or any similar structure; or the construction, erection, maintenance, demolition or dismantling of any bridge, dam, canal, road, railway, runway, sewer or water reticulation system, or the moving of earth, clearing of land, the making of excavation, piling, or any similar civil engineering structure or type of work” (regulation 1 of the Construction Regulations, 2014). The Guideline now limits this definition to “building works and civil engineering works and must be read with the definition of ‘structure’”.

The Guidelines also includes important aspects to be considered when applying the definitions of “agent”, “client”, “competent person”, and “temporary works” included in regulation 1 of the Construction Regulations.

To review a copy of the Guideline please click on this link: Construction guideline.

So what for my operation?
The purpose of the Guideline is to provide clarity on various aspects as contained in the Construction Regulations, 2014. If you conduct activities that fall within the definition of ‘construction work’ as above, you have to comply with the Construction Regulations, 2014. As these Regulations are quite substantive, it is advised that you obtain expert advice on the legal requirements prior to commencing with any construction work.

What is Shangoni’s approach?
Shangoni has in-house legal specialists that can assist you in identifying legal requirements pertaining to the construction (and any other) activities conducted on your site. For more information, contact Suzette Hartzer-Marais at