Notice Title: Cannabis Economy Gauteng: Request for Information: Partnerships for Cannabis Industrialization

Government Notice: GN 2054 in GG 46295 on 29 April 2022

Commencing date: Closing date for applications is 27 May 2022

The Gauteng Provincial Government (“GPG”) through the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (“GDARD”) and Gauteng Department of Economic Development (“GDED”) invite all interested parties to submit partnership proposals to form part of the Gauteng Cannabis Industrialization program. The objective of the program is to unlock economic opportunities and job creation through cultivation and processing of hemp and cannabis at an industrial scale.

Focus areas: Potential partners may submit proposals which are aligned to the industrial focal points / enablers which the GPG is already activating. These include:

  • Cannabis-driven carbon reduction and bioremediation program including rehabilitation of compromised Mine Lands Rehabilitation.
  • Funding and capitalization mechanisms for cannabis/hemp cultivation, processing, and distribution
  • Exchange, trading, and aggregation platforms for domestic and export markets including certification and quality assurance partnership proposals.
  • Aggregation schemes for cultivation and processing linked to quantifiable and verifiable addressable markets for cannabis and hemp products. These aggregation schemes must include deliberate and extensive enterprise and supplier development opportunity pathways which include and enable surrounding communities as value chain partners.

GPG support instruments that can form the basis of these partnership proposals include but are not limited to:

  • Leases on state-owned or state-controlled land assets
  • Tenancy in special economic zones or state-owned industrial parks or subsidized tenancy in private industrial facilities.
  • Financing partnerships to deploy wholesale capital or other appropriate instruments via Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (“GEP”) and/or development finance institutions that are in partnership with the province.
  • Collaborative funding of key input and administrative costs of proposed partnerships
  • Structured collaboration with other state organs to manage regulatory or other barriers to cannabis industrialization for specific projects.

Mandatory requirements include the following:

  • A completed online application form. The application document must be completed in its entirety and reference cannot t be made to attached proposals without providing complete information in the application document itself. The proposal must be uploaded as supporting information only.
  • A clear definition and description of the goal of the project, together with the scope of the project and time frame.
  • A clear understanding of the market or the intended use.
  • If financial assistance for the project is being requested, it needs to be captured clearly in the form below.

A copy of Medicinal Cannabis License or Hemp Permit or proof of application where a licence or permit has not yet been issued would be considered as preferential.

Closing date for applications is 27 May 2022. For a copy of the Government Gazette Notice click here.

For assistance or queries please contact Gert van der Waal at