Title: Draft National Sanitation Policy: For Comment
Government Notice: GN 70 in GG 39688 of 12 February 2016
Date of commencement: Not yet specified

The scope of the policy include the policy positions required to support equity in the sanitation sector; to strengthen sanitation institutions and to ensure sustainable sanitation provision in the country, including positions related to:

Equity in sanitation service provision
1. Sanitation in human settlements
2. Free Basic Sanitation
3. Sanitation service provision on privately owned land
4. Sanitation provision to backyard dwellers
5. Sanitation provision in informal settlements
6. Emergency sanitation

Sanitation service provision institution
7. Sanitation at public institutions
8. Bulk Sanitation Infrastructure and Establishment and Function of Regional Water and Sanitation Utilities
9. Integrated planning of sanitation
10. National Water and Sanitation Advisory Committee
11. Enforcement of Sanitation regulations

Sustainable sanitation service provision
12. Hygiene and End-user Education
13. Greywater management in sanitation
14. Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and reclamation
15. Effluence management
16. Operation and maintenance in the sanitation sector
17. Appropriate Technologies
18. Economically and Financially Sustainable Sanitation
19. Water stewardship in sanitation

Members of the public are invited to submit to the Minister, within 30 (thirty) days after the publication of the notice in the gazette, written comments or inputs to the addresses specified in the notice.

“So what” for my operation?
It is important for your operation to have knowledge on all existing policies related to sanitation in South Africa and to know how these policies may impact on your operation.