Title: Notice of the list of protected tree species under the National Forests Act 84 of 1998
Government Gazette Notice: GN 182 in GG 41100 of 8 September 2017
Commencing date: 8 September 2017

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries published a list of all protected trees belonging to a particular species.

So what for my operation?
The effect of this declaration is that in terms of section 15(1) of the National Forests Act, 1998, no person may cut, disturb, damage or destroy any protected tree or possess, collect, remove, transport, export, purchase, sell, donate or in any other manner acquire or dispose of any protected tree or any product derived from a protected tree, except under a licence or exemption granted by the Minister to an applicant and subject to such period and conditions as may be stipulated. Contravention of this declaration is regarded as a first category offence that may result in a person who is found guilty being sentenced to a fine or imprisonment for a period up to three years, or to both a fine and imprisonment.

What is Shangoni’s approach?
To ensure that you do not contravene this notice, you must be able to identify whether there are any protected trees on your site. Shangoni has ecological specialists that conduct biodiversity surveys for clients in the mining and non-mining industry. These specialists can also then compile a Biodiversity Action Plan to assist in ensuring protection of these species. Shangoni can also assist in the facilitation of applications for environmental related permits, including biodiversity permits.