Title: Reserve Determination of water resources for the Olifants-Doorn Catchments
Government Gazette Notice: GN 356 in GG 40785 of 13 April 2017
Commencing Date: Not yet specified

The Minister of Water and Sanitation has terms of section 12 of the National Water Act 36 of 1998 (“the Act “), prescribed a system for classifying water resources (GN R810 in GG 33541 dated 17 September 2010). In terms of section 16(1) of the Act, the Minister must, as soon as reasonably practicable after the class of all or part of a water resource has been determined, by Notice in the Gazette, determine the Reserve for all or part of that water resource.

A Reserve consists of two parts – the basic human needs reserve and the ecological reserve. The basic human needs reserve provides for the essential needs of individuals served by the water resource in question and includes water for drinking, for food preparation and for personal hygiene. The ecological reserve relates to the water required to protect the aquatic ecosystems of the water resource. The Reserve refers to both the quantity and quality of the water in the resource, and will vary depending on the class of the resource.

The Reserve is proposed to be determined for all or part of every significant water within the catchments of the Olifants -Doorn as set out below:
• Water Management Area: Olifants-Doorn
• Drainage Regions: E Primary Drainage Region
• Rivers: Olifants-Doom River System
• Estuary: Olifants

So what for my operation?
Once the Reserve is determined for a water resource it is binding in the same way as the class and the resource quality objectives. The relevant Reserve must be taken into consideration when using water in the specific area, or when applying for a water use licence.

What is Shangoni’s approach?
Shangoni has a water department that provides a wide range of services aimed at, amongst other things, assisting clients in ensuring that their water usage on site is lawful and efficient. For assistance with any water related matter, contact Nico Brits at