Title: Limiting the use of water in terms of Item 6 of Schedule 3 of the National Water Act of 1998 for urban and irrigation purposes from the main stem Orange River and dams within the Orange River system
Government Gazette Notice: GN 957 in GG 40229 of 26 August 2016
Commencing date: 26 August 2016

The Director General of the Department of Water and Sanitation, on reasonable grounds believe that a potential water shortage exists in the Orange River system. This is due to insufficient rains and the ongoing drought conditions experienced.

Consequently, he restricted the taking of water by users for urban, irrigation and industrial (including mining) purposes from the Orange River system as follows:

  1. 10% restriction on water use for Domestic and Industrial supply from the main stem of the Orange River, Irrigation Schemes and Transfer Schemes supplied from the Orange River
  2. 15% restrictions on the use of water for Irrigation purposes in the main stem of Orange River, Irrigation Schemes and Transfer Schemes supplied from the Orange River

The limitations apply from the date of this notice until further notice.

So what for my operation?
Should your operation be located within this catchment, it is important for your operation to have knowledge of these restrictions as relevant to the quantities of water allowed to be taken from the specified water systems. If you contravene this notice, the authority may modify, or require you to modify the contravening waterwork so that it cannot be used to take more water than that allowed for in the notice; or remove the waterwork or require you to remove the waterwork if the notice contains a prohibition on the use of that waterwork. Any reasonable costs incurred by this modification or removal may be recovered from your operation.